FNR & International Cooperation

A young research location, Luxembourg’s first centre for research opened in 1987. The FNR was created in 1999, followed by the University of Luxembourg’s opening in 2003.

Luxembourg is increasingly establishing itself as a research destination and putting itself on the international research map, and in 2006, we launched the INTER programme – our umbrella for our international cooperation opportunities.

The INTER programme is our instrument to provide co-funding for international research collaborations between scientists in Luxembourg and abroad. 


We have lead agency agreements with 18 different foreign partners to support bilateral projects between researchers based in Luxembourg and abroad – view the partners here.

These agreements make it possible for Luxembourg-based researchers to conduct bilateral research projects with researchers based in 13 different countries – view the countries here.

Bilateral projects where the FNR is the lead agency must comply with the rules of the CORE programme.


The FNR is part of 12 international research networks offering multilateral research opportunities with over 35 countries for researchers based in Luxembourg. These include EUROSTARS and various European Research Area (ERA) networks – view the networks here.


Programme Call Deadline
CHIST-ERA Call 2021/22 FP: 17.01.2022
JPND Call 2022 PP: 01.03.2022

FP: 28.06.2022

MERANET Call 2022 May/June 2022
PRIMA Call 2022, section 2 PP: 22.03.2022

FP: Summer 2022

ERP-RD Call 2022 PP: 16.02.2022

FP: 15.06.2022

PerMed Call 2022 PP: 17.02.2022

FP: 2022

Water4All Joint Call 2022 PP: mid-Apr 2022

FP: end-Aug 2022

EUROSTARS Call 2022-1 May 2022


In addition to the proposal submitted to the foreign funding agency, Luxembourg applicants have to submit to the FNR the documents associated with the FNR’s INTER programme.

In cases where the FNR is not the lead agency, this must still be done no more than 7 days after the lead agency deadline, via the FNR Online Grant Management System.

Please note, Luxembourg-based researchers applying for bi and multilateral projects where the FNR provides funding must always submit call documents to the FNR as well.

Financial information about what is supported is available in the INTER guidelines.

WEAVE – research without borders

The FNR is one of 12 funding agencies in 11 European countries to sign WEAVE, a bottom-up, cross-European initiative developed by European research funders to support excellent collaborative research projects across borders.

WEAVE aims to simplify the submission and selection procedures of collaborative research proposals that involve researchers from up to three European countries or regions. It does this by making proposals go through a single evaluation procedure.

Find out more on the FNR-WEAVE programme page or on the WEAVE website


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