Career Stage(s): Established Researcher, Leading Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Business Collaboration, Support for knowledge transfer & innovation,

Deadline: 29-07-2022 Phase 1 (Project outline) 

Deadline: 28-10-2022 14:00 CET | Phase 2 (Full project proposal) 

Call launch: Phase 1: Launch 3 June | Phase 2: Launch 5 September

*Special info for Phase 2 submissions*

An information session for Phase 2 will take place on 13 September at 11:00. Invitations will be sent directly. 

The general information of the call is still valid for phase 2: https://research-industry-collaboration.lu/calls/joint-call-defence. Applications for public institutions need to be submitted via the FNR Grant Management System (will be opened after the information session). Only one application per project, even if multiple public institutions are involved. Companies (including those in a PPP consortium) submit their application to the ministry of the economy. 

Necessary attachments for public institutions for phase 2 are the following: 

  • Project description form (template provided) 
  • Budget sheet (template provided) 
  • Gantt-Chart (template provided) 
  • Draft consortium agreement (in case of PPP, no template provided) 


Taking reference to Luxembourg’s coalition agreement of 2018 to support the LU Industry in getting access to the defence market, the Directorate of Defence of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of the Economy, the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and Luxinnovation join forces to offer a new funding opportunity to companies and research organisations looking to develop dual-use defence technologies (products, services and systems). While both individual and collaborative projects proposals are possible, collaborations between companies and research organisations are encouraged.  

Goal of the call  

Development and validation of innovative dual-use defence solutions potentially benefiting the national defence forces, international defence organisations (EDA, NATO), the defence forces of allied nations, as well as civilian research and local industry.  

Call topics  


  • Satellite communication, SDN and IoT  
  • Earth Observation and Reconnaissance   
  • Space Situational Awareness and Space operations   
  • Data processing  

Light-weight materials  

  • Lightweight materials & structures for mobile and static applications   
  • Lightweight materials & structures for soldier & vehicles & critical infrastructure   
  • Lightweight and bio-based/recycled/sourced from disassembly   
  • Lightweight smart & composites materials and systems   
  • Alternative power supply to military systems  

Webinar, for companies and researchers interested in participating in the call for projects on 10 June 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

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FNR will fund the costs of the eligible research organisations in Luxembourg, up to 500.000 € per project covering eligible project specific costs. If the research organisation establishes an effective collaboration (see Framework for State aid for research and development and innovation article 27) with a company, the FNR will fund up to 700.000 € per project.  

Project durations are targeted for a max 36 months period.   


Phase 1 (Project outline)  

  • Launch of call 3 June 2022  
  • Submission deadline 29 July 2022  
  • Evaluation until 5 September 2022  

Phase 2 (Full project proposal)  

  • Launch 5 September 2022  
  • Submission deadline 28 October 2022  
  • Evaluation until 28 February 2023  

All applications of Phase 1 must be submitted via the Research Collaboration Platform. All phase 2 applications of public research institutions will be submitted via the FNR grant management system.  

Employees from companies and research organisation taking part in the project need to have nationalities of a NATO Member Country or from a EU EEA/EFTA Country. 

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