Career Stage(s): Postdoc & Junior Researcher, Established Researcher, Leading Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Project Funding, Support for International Collaborations,

Deadline: 10-05-2023 14:00 CET (SEEDLING proposals)

Call launch: 28 March 2023


The FNR, the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) and the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency LuxDev are joining forces to put forward a first pilot Call under the LuxAid BRIDGES programme, to support Research Luxembourg actors in initiating transdisciplinary research projects pertinent to development cooperation and humanitarian action, by developing partnerships for sustainable development and poverty eradication.  

Projects supported within this Call should foster capacity development in partner countries and/or tackle relevant issues for development and/or humanitarian practitioners. The North-South partnerships should be characterised by the facilitation of knowledge transfer and local capacity building in terms of training, scientific methods, data, and applications with a potential to create sustainable long-term impact.   

This Call will also aim to support research and development projects in thematic domains linked to development cooperation and humanitarian action, such as, for example: poverty eradication, inclusive finance, development economics, international humanitarian law, technological applications, data protection, connectivity solutions etc. relevant to development and/or humanitarian practitioners and policy makers. 

The FNR, MFEA and LuxDev are hosting a webinar to present the call, followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar 24 April 2023 – slides available

Presentation slides


The budget for this Call is 2 MEUR.  


Applications will be evaluated in two phases: a preliminary call for ideas and a call for full proposals. 

All applications must include the Project Description form, converted into pdf, and the CV of PI.

The preliminary call for ideas: 

The preliminary call for SEEDLING proposals aims to support short duration projects of up to three months and up to 20 k€ of budget each. A SEEDLING proposal should present a clear idea of cooperation. It does not require to have identified at the submission stage a corresponding partner in an eligible country, or a humanitarian organisation ready to participate. The main objective of a SEEDLING project should be to identify relevant partners either in eligible countries or humanitarian organisations and/or to run a feasibility study that would clarify the possibilities for the idea’s implementation through a full project of up to three years’ duration. 

 The application would be evaluated on 4 criteria:  

  • innovativeness or originality of the idea in the context of development cooperation and/or humanitarian action, 
  • relevance in the context of development cooperation and/or humanitarian action (including geographical areas and prioritised topics, in accordance with the national Development Cooperation Strategy), 
  • project plan including type and structure of the partnership (balance, complementarity), 
  • outcomes and impact on development cooperation and/or humanitarian action. 

Call for full proposals  

FNR and LuxDev have allocated a budget of a total of 2 Mio € to the LuxAid BRIDGES 2023 pilot Call. Funding may cover the full costs of a research project, including funding for PhD candidates who are involved full-time from project start and for a max. duration of 4 years. The projects should be balanced with regards to the efforts on both sides of the collaboration, with a maximum of 70 % effort on any of the two sides, highlighting the added value with respect to development cooperation and/or humanitarian contexts. 

The details of the LuxAid BRIDGES programme and its evaluation criteria will be defined based on the outcomes of the SEEDLING preliminary Call. 


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