Country(s): Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom,

Deadline: 02-02-2023 17:00 CET


CHIST-ERA is a consortium of research funding organisations in Europe and beyond supporting use inspired basic research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or at the interface between ICT and other domains. The CHIST-ERA consortium is itself supported by Horizon 2020 and is part of the European Innovation Council’s Pathfinder programme.

CHIST-ERA fully joins the Open Science agenda of Horizon Europe following the principle ‘as open as possible, as closed as necessary’:

1. The network proposes an original policy framework, encompassing national/regional policies, for the researchers to shape their projects in line with highest standards of open access practices;

2. With a focus on emerging ICT, CHIST-ERA further accompanies this effort by supporting R & D projects on key enabling tools, services and standards aimed at facilitating and promoting open access, within and beyond ICT research domains.

Topic focus of 2023 Call: Security and Privacy in Decentralised and Distributed Systems (SPiDDS); Machine Learning-based Communication Systems, towards Wireless AI (WAI)

The challenges and promising research and development directions of the call topic were identified following an online workshop bringing together researchers from across a range of research communities and countries and Open Science experts and consultation of the Open Science Advisory Board of CHIST-ERA.

This call tackles the challenge of open research data and software from the perspective of their possible reuse. The objective is to create the conditions for research in any domain based on open or shared data and software.

Partner search tool

To help researchers finding partners, a Partner Search Tool to find partners, by consulting the list of the so-called Expressions of Interest (EoI) and/or by submitting your own EoI. An Online Networking Event is also foreseen beginning of October.

View the complete Call information on the CHIST-ERA website


  • The total budget for this Call is around 6 MEUR.
  • The FNR supports this Call with 350.000 EUR.


  • The project consortia must have a minimum of 3 eligible and independent partners requesting funding from participating funding organisations from at least 3 of the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.
  • Max 1 application per PI
  • The Luxembourg project partner needs to be eligible for FNR funding, while the foreign project partner needs to be eligible for funding from the foreign funding agency(-ies) participating in the call.
  • Additionally to submitting to the lead agency/ organising network abroad, all applications have to be submitted through the FNR Online Grant Management System by the Luxembourg partner, including the FNR INTER documents.
  • Proposals must be submitted to the FNR at latest 7 working days after the lead-agency’s deadline. Applicants will need to provide basic information and attach the proposal (including all further relevant documents) based on the form provided by the lead agency/ organising network.
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