Save the date: RESCOM & INTER Mobility – Only 1 Call in 2023

The Calls for the FNR funding instruments RESCOM: Scientific Events and INTER Mobility will only have one Call in 2023. Call launch is foreseen in January 2023. The 2023 Call documents are now available!

RESCOM – 2023 deadline 15 March 2023

INTER Mobility – 2023 deadline 1 April 2023

More information to follow with the launch of the Calls in December.


Launch AFR Individual & Bilateral 2023 Call

2022-1 RESCOM Results

Results 2022-1 INTER Mobility Call

RESCOM 2021-2 results

Results RESCOM 2021-1 Call

Results 2021-1 INTER Mobility Call

Results 2020-2 INTER Mobility Call

Results RESCOM 2020-2 Call

Results RESCOM 2020-1 Call

Results 2020-1 INTER Mobility Call

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