Results RESCOM 2021-1 Call

The FNR is pleased to communicate that 2 of 2 projects have been selected for funding in the 2021-1 RESCOM Call, an FNR commitment of 63,417 EUR. Through RESCOM, the FNR supports communication between researchers to promote scientific outcomes.

Find out more about RESCOM – next deadline 20 June 2021, 14:00 CET

International Scientific Conference selected for funding


AI in Action – Joint International Scientific Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (JISCAI)

Applicant name & institution

Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg)

Start – End

10.11.2021 – 12.11.2021

FNR Committed

43,417 EUR

Lecture series selected for funding


Next-generation of multi-omics research: going to the single cell

Applicant name & institution

Gunnar Dittmar (Luxembourg Institute of Health – LIH)

Start – End

01.09.2021 31.08.2022

FNR Committed

20,000 EUR


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