International cooperation: PRIMA 2022 call

PRIMA, the Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area has launched its 2022 transnational Call for pre-proposals to 22 March 2022, 17:00 CET. 

Through Resarch Collaborative Projects, PRIMA aims to build research and innovation capacities and to develop knowledge and common innovative solutions for agro-food systems, and water provision in the Mediterranean area to make to make them sustainable, in line with the UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Call is divided into these thematic areas:

  1. Management of Water
  2. Farming Systems
  3. Agro-food Value Chain

The total budget for this Call is 35.5 MEUR. The FNR supports this multilateral Call with 400,000 EUR, as part of its INTER programme to foster international cooperation. Please note, Luxembourg-based researchers may only receive FNR funding to participate in Section 2 of the Call.

Go to FNR-PRIMA programme page

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