FNR statement on Ukraine – update

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has joined other European Research organizations associated within Science Europe to condemn the Russian aggression and occupation of Ukraine and to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as with Russian scientists and science journalists that openly speak out against the invasion.

*First published 3 March 2022. Last update: 15 March*

We hereby wish to relay the plea for support to the international research community issued by the National Research Foundation of Ukraine.

Together with our partners in Research Luxembourg, and in cooperation with other European research organizations, we are currently exploring all possibilities within the framework of our mobility programmes to support scientists who have to flee their country to help them to continue their scientific work in safety. We will also allow for the possibility and additional funding for refugee scientists to temporarily join ongoing FNR-funded projects. Find out more

In alignment with European and governmental measures, the following restrictions apply with respect to cooperation with institutions from Russia and Belarus:

  1. FNR will not start or continue to entertain formal relationships with institutions from Russia or Belarus;
  2. In multilateral cooperations, FNR will not participate in actions involving organizations from Russia or Belarus;
  3. FNR will not fund new projects which involve institutions from Russia or Belarus as partners (contracting or non-contracting);
  4. FNR will not fund new projects which involve sanctioned companies as partners (contracting or non-contracting);
  5. FNR will not apply any restrictive measures vis-à-vis individual scientists from, or based in Russia or Belarus (many of whom are opposed to the war);


Temporary FNR support for Researchers who have fled the war in Ukraine

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