Esch 2022 the Sound of Data: Data Collection – when science morphs into music

When Science morphs into Music: As part of the Esch2022 project “The Sound of Data”, various sets of data collected by scientists are being transformed into music. Discover the researchers of the University of Luxembourg and of LIST, who collected the data for this project, and learn more about both their data sets and their motivation.

With “The Sound of Data”, the FNR, the University of Luxembourg, the Rockhal and the Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) aim at building bridges between science and music. The idea is to create music from data, usually available in visual form. This process is called sonification. Valery Vermeulen, a Belgium-based mathematician, musician, and an expert in the field of sonification will convert these data sets into musical building blocks that musicians will later work with. The outcome of this creative process will be performed live on 3 December at the Rockhal.


About The Sound of Data

A joint project of FNR, Rockhal, LIST and University of Luxembourg transforms scientific data into music in an innovative and experimental approach with the help of data sonification. The aim of the Esch2022 project is to bring the worlds of music and science together at Belval.

Science meets Music: Launch event 1 May

Join us on Sunday 1 May 2022 from 14h00-19h30 at Rockhal for the “Science meets Music” event. This is the official launch event of the Esch2022 project “The Sound of Data – science meets music”, which is a collaboration between Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Centre de Musiques Amplifiées Rockhal, University of Luxembourg and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The project aims to create bridges between the worlds of science, technology, music and art.

The event will for example feature:

  • An interactive workshop using 3D Body Scan Data
  • An auditory atelier where visitors will be able to listen to sonified traffic and covid data
  • A crowdsourcing art station, where visitors will be able to draw a piece of art, hence contributing to the data collection effort.

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THE SOUND OF DATA – Science meets Music – Esch2022 project

The Sound of Data: Call for Proposals “science meets music” 1 May 2022

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