Science meets music – impressions from launch event

On Sunday, 1 May, the “Science Meets Music” – the launch event of the Esch22 Sound of Data project – took place, featuring interactive workshops for adults and children, a cyborg that can hear colours, a musician who converts data into a music and more. 

More than 800 visitors of all ages came to the Rockhal on 1 May for the “Science meets Music” event – the launch event of the Esch2022 project “The Sound of Data”. The event was divided into a Science and Music Fair in the foyer of the Rockhal, a bit similar to the Science Festival, combined with interactive workshops blending music and science. The other part took the shape of conference, followed by panel discussions, keynote talks and lecture performances at the Rockhal Club.

In the foyer, for example, one could visualise music based on self-made drawings, or make music from data, or visualise music with the help of sand and water. In addition, Mr. Science got out his bass guitar and made music with lightning on a Tesla coil.

Discover more in the photos and after movie below!

About The Sound of Data

A joint project of FNR, Rockhal, LIST and University of Luxembourg transforms scientific data into music in an innovative and experimental approach with the help of data sonification. The aim of the Esch2022 project is to bring the worlds of music and science together at Belval.

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For the Sound of Data project, Luxembourg researchers collected scientific data, which was then used by local and international musicians and composers to produce music during an artist residency under the supervision of Valery Vermeulen. You can discover the outcome of this creative and innovative process and see the musicians perform live on stage on December 3, along with Valery Vermeulen and headliner Max Cooper, a leading figure in electronica, who will present his new album in an immersive live show!

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The Sound of Data Collective  (an Esch2022 project) has teamed up with Luxembourg’s National Institute of statistics and economic studies (STATEC) to organise a conference on 13 October 2022 where experts and practitioners will discuss the challenges and opportunities around innovation in data modelling and popularisation, data journalism and data-driven communication. And in this context investigate what data sonification and data visualisation can bring to the table. 

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