Research Luxembourg: Launch of second round FNR COVID-19 Call

Following the communication of the results of the first round of the FNR COVID-19 Call, the FNR launches the second Call. Deadline to submit proposals to FNR is Monday, 11 May 2020, 17:00 CET. 

As communicated at the launch of the first round of the FNR COVID-19 Call, only project ideas published on the platform by 29 April 2020 are eligible for funding.

With the FNR COVID-19 programme, the FNR provides initial (co-)funding for supporting both short-term projects and starting phases of long-term projects that will address the current and future challenges of COVID-19. The FNR also aims to foster interdisciplinary projects and institutional cooperation among public research institutions. While the FNR supports projects up to 50k EUR, top of funding of 30k can be requested for projects where complementary expertise from different fields is bundled.

Applicants should note the following clarifications of the guidelines:

  • Interdisciplinary proposals asking for up to 80k EUR must include a formal Co-PI.
  • PIs can submit a maximum of 1 proposal. In addition, in the COVID19 fast-track call only, they can be Co-PI on maximum 1 other proposal.
  • Resubmissions of proposals not retained for funding are possible. The applicants should highlight changes made in the first submission.
  • The Call is open to collaborations with companies – please consult Luxinnovation for more info on the potential support of companies.
  • The Call is open to all PIs fulfilling the FNR requirements for PIs, including PIs which were successful in the first round.

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