INTERnational funding possibilities on Sars-CoV-2/ COVID-19

Various partner agencies of the FNR have launched calls for proposals concerning Sars-CoV-2 offering international consortia to submit proposals for research projects tackling COVID19. The calls will be handled under the lead-agency procedure and FNR is prepared to finance the Luxembourg part (eligible to FNR support) of successful projects.

SNSF (Switzerland)

Call launch: 30 April; Deadline: 25 May 2020; funding decision: August 2020 

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SNSF will act as lead-agency and allows for bilateral consortia (SNSF-FNR), but also for trilateral consortia (SNSF-FNR + e.g. 1 other). Please check the SNSF call website for more information. 

FWF (Austria)

Call launch: 6 April, Deadline: open call, submissions possible any time until 30th September 2020; funding decision: within 3-4 months after proposal submission

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FWF will act as lead-agency and allows for bilateral consortia (FWF-FNR), but also for trilateral consortia (FWF-FNR + e.g DFG, SNSF, NCN (Poland), South Tyrol). For more info please check here

DFG (Germany)

Call launch: 19 March, Deadline: a) Letter of Interest: 1 July 2020, b) Proposals: 1 September 2020;

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DFG will act as lead-agency and allows for bilateral consortia (DFG-FNR), trilateral consortia including Austrian or Swiss partners are possible upon former approval by the involved funding agencies (FWF, SNSF) and provided that the majority of funds are requested for project work in Germany. Visit the DFG website for more information.

Luxembourg based researchers participating in the above calls, have to submit an INTER proposal to the FNR via our online grant management system within 5 working days after the deadline (for proposals only, not for the letter of intent). Please select the relevant lead-agency (SNSF, FWF, or DFG) for the submissions. The normal INTER rules apply.  

In addition, there are other funding possibilities for LU-based researchers without FNR participation. Some agencies launched COVID-19 related calls that allow for direct funding of international research partners by that agency (money-follows-cooperation line principle). Here, a maximum budget of up to 20 % (e.g. FNRS and FWO) could be paid to international researchers within the research consortium.  

FNRS: Projets Exceptionnels de Recherche

Maximum funding per project : 260.000 EUR ; launch of call : 15 May 2020 

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