New podcast in collaboration with Lëtzebuerger Journal: Habiba Abubaker

The FNR is pleased to share the newest podcast in the collaboration with Lëtzebuerger Journal. Titled ‘Mäin Element’, the series features researchers in Luxembourg talking about their lives and their passion for science, showing a glimpse of the people behind the science. The seventh episode features law expert Habiba Abubaker.

In this episode of “Mäin Element” we meet law expert Habiba Abubaker from the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. The podcast covers Habiba’s roots in Sudan, the various military coups that Sudan has experienced in recent years, how the situation has affected Habiba’s life and research.

Habiba introduces her research, explains the tasks of the African Union, and why Islamic law is not quite the same as what we know from TV. We also learn what Condoleezza Rice has to do with her law career, and which comedian is the GOAT [Greatest of All Time] for her.

Listen to the podcast (English)

About the ‘Mäin Element’ podcast series

So far, eight podcast are planned in the ‘Mäin Element‘ series, featuring four female and four male scientists from various scientific disciplines and institutions in Luxembourg. The language of the podcast varies depending on which researcher is guest.

“I am delighted with this collaboration with and the use of the podcast format, which adds to the wide range of communication formats we use at the FNR to showcase and explain the array of exciting projects and people supported by the FNR.” – Didier Goossens, Head of Corporate Communication at FNR

Listen to the previous podcast episodes featuring photovoltaics researcher Prof Phillip Dale (Univeristy of Luxembourg)[English]; eating disorder researcher Dr Annika Lutz (University of Luxembourg); deep learning researcher Prof Djamila Aouada; microbiologist Prof Paul Wilmes (LCSB); hydrologist Dr Laurent Pfister (LIST) [Luxembourgish]; computer scientist Stéphane Bordas (English); and neuroscientist Prof Anne Grünewald (LCSB, University of Luxembourg) [German]

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