JUMP: 2023-1 Call open

The JUMP programme is now open for proposals. Deadline for the 2023-1 Call is 30 June 2023, 14:00 CET. The FNR has partnered with the Ministry of Economy (MECO) for a pilot add-on to provide supplementary funding to help generate spin-offs.

The FNR JUMP programme is a competitive funding programme, open to all research domains, that is designed to help bridge the technical and funding gap between research-driven discoveries and their commercialisation/utilisation, thereby enhancing the impact of Luxembourg’s research on economy and society.

Panel dates: 20 September 2023: Bio-Medical Projects | 21 September 2023: Technology Projects

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Changes compared to previous call

The FNR has partnered with the Ministry of Economy (MECO) to provide supplementary funding to meet the above two objectives that aim to generate spin-offs. Through the joint Entrepreneur in Residence-bonus (EiR-bonus) add-on funding tool, implemented within the framework of the FNR-MECO collaborative spin-off programme, the Ministry of Economy aims to contribute to progressively improving the national framework of support to spin-off creation and to increase the long-term success rates of this type of new ventures. A typical spin-off process entails different phases (awareness creation, detection, pre-screening, validation, and launch).

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Spotlight on Young Researchers – revisited 5 years later: From drones to space robotics

From lab to startup: LuxAI and QTrobot – a robot to help children with autism

From lab to spin-off: NIUM – nutrition as a therapeutic tool

We need both: start-ups and research-based spin-offs, but they need different support measures to be successful

LALA: An innovative programme to help children learn to read

Spotlight on Young Researchers: German Castignani

“Over the past 15 years public R&D spending has increased 12 fold”

Shifting the innovation gap in Luxembourg

POC: Pocket-sized intestines – the HuMiX model enables intestinal flora to be investigated under real conditions

Luxembourg researchers develop computer models for hundreds of bacterial strains

Better driving made easy thanks to Motion-S app

Study finds eating fiber prevents gut bacteria from eating you

Clear the stage for knowledge-based business ideas

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