International cooperation: NORFACE 2019 Call results

14 transnational and multi-disciplinary consortia have received funding from the European NORFACE network within the Call ‘Democratic governance in a turbulent age’. The total budget of the call was 17.3 MEUR. One project is led by a Luxembourg-based team at the University of Luxembourg.

Over the next few years the projects funded in this NORFACE Call will focus, for example, on subjects such as disruptive changes in the political landscape, polarisation and populism, (European) identities, and the legitimacy of the administrative state.

Democratic politics and governance in Europe are facing turbulent times. With this programme, NORFACE offers a timely investigation of the precise nature of the turbulence, but also of how European states can negotiate this turbulence  and develop strategies to enhance the quality of democratic politics and governance. This programme has three major objectives: to develop innovative and excellent research proposals addressing important challenges to democratic governance and politics; to produce added value through the development of European cross-national research collaborations exploring the impacts of variations in social, economic, cultural and political contexts on changes in how democracies work; to identify promising forms of policy innovation and institutional design and explore the conditions for their application in different jurisdictions.

One of three Luxembourg-lead projects funded

Main applicant: Professor H. Hofmann, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)- FDEF

Abstract: INDIGO focuses on the future of democratic governance in Europe and the relation between the individual and the public sphere. The project addresses the impact of digitalisation of the multi-jurisdictional implementation of policies in Europe, through joint information systems and the use of advanced machine learning systems.

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