Results 2018 PSP Flagship Call

The FNR is pleased to communicate that both eligible projects submitted to the  2018 PSP Flagship Call have been selected for funding, an FNR commitment of 697,000 EUR.

As with PSP-Classic, the objective of the PSP-Flagship programme is to strengthen the exchange between science and society. Specifically, the PSP-Flagship programme aims to set up long-term science outreach activities with a sustainable and lasting impact on the promotion of science to the public in Luxembourg.

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Funded projects

Project title

Science Teaching to Support Children Learning Science (Sci2School)


Christina Siry

Coordinating institution

University of Luxembourg

FNR commitment

298,000 EUR

Project title

Smart Schoul 2025: The Future Luxembourg Smart School (SmartSchoul2025)


Coordinating institution

University of Luxembourg (SnT)

FNR commitment

399,000 EUR


PSP-Flagship: Scienteens lab – a hands-on lab for high school pupils


PSP-Flagship: SciTeach Resource Center

A microcontroller to teach programming to school children

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