Researchers’ Days 2018: Thousands discover science and research

The FNR would like to thank everyone who participated in and visited the 2018 Researchers’ Days – the largest edition so far: Over two days, around 6,500 visitors of all ages streamed to the Rockhal to discover science workshops and science cafés. Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, also visited.

During two days, the Rockhal was transformed into a giant research lab with 31 exciting interactive workshops, and 5 Science Cafés, all revolving around the topic of research and science. The diverse range of workshops on offer gave visitors the chance to discover anything from an autonomous car, how plants work, drones, to topics related to health and more.

It was the second time the Researchers’ Days took place in the Rockhal, and it was the biggest edition yet: 31 workshops (2016: 20), 5 science cafés (2016: 4), 2000 school kids visiting on the Friday (201&: 1400) and a whopping 4500 visitors on the Saturday (2016: 2000).

“Bringing science and society together – encouraging exchange between scientists and the general public – is part of the FNR’s mission, and events such as Researchers’ Days are becoming an increasingly important and effective platform to do so. The 2018 edition had around 1/3 more workshops than the 2016 edition, and almost double the amount of visitors. We are incredibly pleased the event was such a huge success and want to thank everyone involved.” – Jean-Paul Bertemes, Head of Science in Society at FNR

Friday, 30 November was exclusively reserved for school kids. The Friday culminated with a visit by a delegation led by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, and Marc Schiltz, FNR Secretary General.  The Prime Minister spoke of how important it is to have events such as Researchers’ Days, where families can share in science activities, and reiterated the Governments support for research over the coming 5 years. Saturday, 1 December, the event was open to the general public.

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Researchers' Days 2018

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