Research conduct and integrity – conference of the PRIDE network (4-5 May 2023)

A delegation from the University of Luxembourg (UL) and the FNR participated at the 2023 Annual Conference of the PRIDE network (Professionals in Doctoral Education) at the University of Porto. This network, founded in 2017, brings together academics and administrative staff active in all fields of doctoral education, from 15 different countries. 

This year’s topic “Research Conduct and Integrity – the challenges for the doctoral journey” was matching our main and pressing questions:

  • How can institutions help doctoral candidates to achieve “good scientific practice”, given the expectations and constraints they are facing?
  • What can institutions do to create and maintain a “research culture” which maintains values, supports both creativity and academic integrity, and which minimizes pressure on doctoral candidates?
  • How can doctoral research be assessed in a more “modern” way, not only concentrating on metrics to evaluate the quality of the research, but also the development of the PhD candidates as responsible and versatile professionals.
  • What role do the funding bodies play? How can they incentivise/reward initiatives towards the development of a positive research culture and ethical correctness?
  • How can leaders at all levels support health, wellbeing and mentoring?

Speakers included Tanita Casci (Oxford University), Faith Uwadiae (Wellcome Trust, UK), Maresi Nerad (Washington University, Seattle), Ronny Bruffaerts (KU Leuven), Kenneth Wann (Cardiff University), Nicola Dengo (EuroDoc Board member), James Morris (Science Europe, Brussels), and many others.

The Luxembourg delegation shared some good practices (e.g. UL onboarding procedures and essential skills training; “ADR holder training”; compulsory “good scientific practice training” as part of the Transferable Skills training offer; set up of a mentoring programme, etc.).

Photo from left to right :
The Luxembourg delegation: Anne Bégué (UL-BED), Marie-Claude Marx (FNR), Anja Lenninger (UL-BED), Inês Crisóstomo (UL-Gender Office)
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