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We are pleased to announce that the FNR, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Astronaut Space Expedition (LASE), launches a new programme that offers researchers from Luxembourg the extraordinary opportunity to spend some weeks working on the International Space Station (ISS). Deadline to submit is Monday, 1 April 2019, 23:59.

The programme will start next month with a training programme in Paris and will probably require 18 months of your life. More details are to follow once the selection procedure is completed.

What should you expect from this programme?

Successful candidates get a once in a lifetime chance to spend time on the ISS
  • a specific and unique lifetime opportunity to observe the world from a different perspective
  • no holiday getaways possible; you should definitively tell your partner, or your mother, that you won’t be home for Christmas
  • get international recognition; everyone will know your name; be prepared for a dramatic increase of your social media followers

Are you an eligible candidate?

Please note that the eligibility for this programme is quite selective. Only five participants are accepted. You can apply for yourself, or make an application for a colleague or relative (a great opportunity to send someone you do not like to the moon), as long as the criteria below are met:

  • under the age of 90
  • non-allergic to astronaut food
  • proven excellent physical fitness (being a marathon finisher is a great asset)
  • strong communication and administration skills (many reports, tweets and Facebook posts will have to be written)
  • knowledge about the influencer business (are you ready to become a sciencefluencer?)

During the programme, alcohol, cigarettes, and especially chewing gum are not permitted.

The FNR has to be very strict about the criteria above, because there are some dangers involved in participating in this programme: some major mental consequences may occur due to the high level of social media influence. Therefore, the FNR requires a life insurance (sum of 1969 EUR), designating the funding agency as primary beneficiary.

Lastly and most importantly, if you still have not realized that this article is an April fool’s prank, then we are very sorry to say, that you should definitely consider having your first coffee of the day 😉

Fun fact: did you know that it’s not possible to burp in space? Find out more about (not) burping in space on

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