Promotion of research wins big at 2023 Luxembourg Design Awards

No less than four efforts for the promotion of research were recognised at the 2023 Luxembourg Design Awards: Three projects from the University of Luxembourg’s C²DH received a total of four prizes, while the FNR’s 2021 Digital Annual Report, for which the FNR worked with agency Lola was also recognised. The design (StudioPolenta) created for letzSCIENCE, the FNR’s Augmented Reality campaign, was also shortlisted. The projects were awarded in the categories “Best Data Design”, “Digital Design”, and “Corporate Design”.

FNR 2021 Digital Annual Report takes home jury prize in Digital Design

“The client’s decision to opt for an annual report in the form of a website, rather than a traditional printed publication, is a bold move. The incorporation of multimedia elements is skilfully executed, resulting in an engaging and entertaining user experience. Such an innovative approach is likely to inspire others to follow suit in the pursuit of more modern and effective communication strategies.” – Jury statement

“The FNR worked with agency Lola to create an annual report that is modern and rich in content. This activity report had to showcase the FNR’s modernity and reflect the research industry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and above all make the presentation of the research sector accessible to everyone. 

“The digital annual report incorporates a variety of multimedia content (text, photos, animations, videos, audio files). The aim is to make scientific information as accessible as possible to the general public. This interface allows readers to discover the FNR’s activities in a more entertaining way than in a traditional printed annual report. It is great to see something like an Annual Report, often considered a more dry and less interesting reading experience be recognised for its outstanding design.” – Didier Goossens, Head of Corporate Communication at FNR

The FNR published its Annual Reports in digital format in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Click to view them below.

C²DH projects recognised four times

The C²DH won two Design Awards for its virtual exhibitions ‘Framing Luxembourg’ and ‘Minett Stories. Remixing Industrial Pasts in the Digital Age’, which also won an FNR Award for Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public’ in 2021. Meanwhile, the C²DH multimedia project A Colônia Luxemburguesa was also recognised with two awards, submitted by the agency Explose who were behind the design. A Colônia Luxemburguesa was born from the FNR-funded AFR PhD project of Dominique Santana from C²DH.

‘Framing Luxembourg. A storytelling experiment’, which retraces the history of official statistics in Luxembourg, won the prize for best ‘Data Design’. The virtual exhibition ‘is conceived as a timeline playfully disseminating the main statistics of some stepstones in national history. It is a joint project between the C²DH, STATEC and Paul Zahlen, the author of the related book. The exhibition was co-designed by Daniele Guido, the C²DH’s lead designer and full-stack developer specialising in data visualisation, network visualisation and digital methods.

“C²DH has handled a large amount of data in both a visually appealing manner and in a user-friendly way. The interested layperson is addressed with this special kind of historiography, but especially the researcher finds here a valuable and reliable tool for very detailed questions and perspectives.” – Jury’s statement

Read more on the C²DH website

About the Luxembourg Design Awards

From 31 May to 4 June, Luxembourg City will hosts the 2023 edition of the European Design Festival. Design Luxembourg, which is organising the festival, has planned five days of diverse and various events that will attract creative people from all over Europe as well as the general public.

Rotondes will have the honour of hosting two major events on the programme: the European Design Awards and the Luxembourg Design Awards. In keeping with the festival’s spirit, the award ceremonies will bring together Europe’s and Luxembourg’s best creative talents to pay tribute to their most beautiful projects. Every two years since 2015, the Luxembourg Design Awards have provided a showcase for the various local design sectors, putting their expertise and excellence in the spotlight. This year, the traditional awards ceremony bringing together the nominated project leaders and their clients took place on 1 June at Rotondes.

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FNR Annual Report recognised at German Design Awards

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