Thrid International NanoSIMS Workshop


CALL: 2013

DOMAIN: MS - Materials, Physics and Engineering

FIRST NAME: Jean-Nicolas

LAST NAME: Audinot





START: 2013-10-14

END: 2013-10-15


Submitted Abstract

For 20 years, the Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann (CRP-GL) has been known as a world leader in the SIMS field. With more than 200 publications, the SAM department has actively contributed to the development of instrumentation; methodologies and applications using SIMS. With the installation of the 4th NanoSIMS instrument worldwide in 2001 in the frame of the FNR Nano Program, the CRP-GL is considered as a pioneer in the nano-characterization using the SIMS technique. The CRP-GL is therefore proud that its application has been selected to organize the 3rd international NanoSIMS Workshop, which will be organized at the Cercle Cité in Luxembourg City on 14th and 15th October 2013. This workshop is a get together of NanoSIMS experts from all over the world and provides an ideal setting for fruitful scientific discussions and new collaborations. Furthermore, the organization of this workshop will be an ideal opportunity to valorize the instrumentation developed at our institute especially for the NanoSIMS instrument. This will, for example, be the case for the SPM module developed in the frame of the SIMS-SPM project (FNR-SNF program) as well as the high brightness Cs source (FNR Nano program). Furthermore this congress will strengthen and enlarge scientific networks and will promote the SAM’s scientific impact. This will for instance allow the SAM’s researchers to give invited presentations at other renowned congresses and thus promote the scientific results (publications, patents,…) produced in Luxembourg.In the programme, the FNR RESCOM support for “exploratory workshops in Luxembourg” is described as “target output-oriented meetings with 20 – 50 participants with the purpose of opening new directions in research, exploring emerging research fields and leading to new developments in science”. The NanoSIMS workshop pursues exactly these objectives; however we target a slightly higher maximum number of participants (60). This will enable us to present our activities in SIMS (e.g. applications) to a critical mass of scientists. At the same time, the workshop is open to PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who wish to become familiar with the different fields. The conference will cover the fundamental and instrumental aspects related to the NanoSIMS50 as well as applications. All aspects and applications are listed below:•Ionization processes and sputtering mechanisms•Instrument description of the NanoSIMS50•Isotopic ratio measurements•NanoSIMS in Geology•NanoSIMS in Material Sciences•NanoSIMS in Biology and Medicine•Sample preparation•Analytical Techniques supporting NanoSIMS•In-situ and ex-situ combination of NanoSIMS and other analytical techniques•Instrument developments

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