The moderating role of intergroup contact on discriminatory news


CALL: 2019

DOMAIN: ID - Humanities and Social Sciences

FIRST NAME: Christopher

LAST NAME: Geisser



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Geneva

KEYWORDS: news mediaintergroup contactprejudice

START: 2020-01-01

END: 2022-12-31


Submitted Abstract

In our increasingly globalized world, the host population can develop negative attitudes towards immigrants creating this diversity (Stephan & Stephan, 2017). Hence, research is investigating social influences (e.g. social norms, news, political parties) on and resolutions for these discriminatory views. Numerous studies showed that intolerant social influences increase negative attitudes towards foreigners (e.g. De Franca & Monteiro, 2013; Schlueter & Davidov, 2011). Luckily, intergroup contact has been found to be an effective technique to reduce this prejudice (Pettigrew & Tropp, 2006). However, it also remains to be tested how this technique will fare when faced with discriminatory social influences. Based on the findings by Visintin et al. (in press), intergroup contact shows a buffering effect on intolerant social norms. Hence, the present project aims to test the hypothesis that intergroup contact also has a buffering effect on discriminatory news. Needless to say, society could immensely profit from finding out more about ways to live more harmoniously in our diverse world. Not just scholars but also politicians and other professionals can profit from evidence-based strategies to reduce group conflict.

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