Parents As Trainers (PAT) Luxembourg – “Learning by Doing”


CALL: 2019


FIRST NAME: Sakthivel Manikandan

LAST NAME: Sundharam





START: 2020-01-01

END: 2020-12-31


Submitted Abstract

We read lot about machine learning algorithms everywhere. How about “human learning” ? What is the best possible algorithm in to “human learning” ? More the fresh neurons, more the efforts in “learning”, and interestingly that applies to both machines and humans. Like many, “Parents as Trainers” aka shortly PAT Luxembourg initiative believes that “learning by doing” is much more effective than “learning by reading “, “learning by listening”, and even “learning by watching (merely)”. Primarily, PAT is a unique forum where we establish an opportunity that parents engage the children during our programs run on Saturdays. Secondly, parents we work on various fields (it could be on cars, it could be on logistics, it could be on software, it could be on plumbing). PAT extracts “Science” and “Mathematics” from Parents fields and inculcate the same into Children’s foundation education in the form of “Learning by doing”. Children are born eager to learn by doing. Learning becomes more fun when kids are doing investigative jobs and applied research and importantly children are learning by doing at their own individual pace. PAT is a non-profit initiative that aims for impact on children’s education. As the parents engage their children during Saturdays (max. two hours per session) on various subjects in a playful environment, it gives a platform to identify children’s interest on their career at an early stage. It is only of two hours a week, considering not taking more time from their sports and other fun activities. We believe even this two hours going to be more fun to them as it involves more of “doing”, put in their term, “learning by playing”. We found Children feel happy that his/her parent is available to listen and react to their queries. We all believe in Science and Mathematics, and Learning by playing evidently brings our children strong foundations into their “fundamental” education. For parents, the platform provides a unique experience where he/she gains “creativity” from the fellow children friends.

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