CALL: 2018

DOMAIN: ID - Humanities and Social Sciences







START: 01-03-2019

END: 29-02-2020


Submitted Abstract

With the planned “MakerBuzz”, the association “Make it” intends to further popularize the maker movement and to encounter the citizens in their “habitat” and make them involved into scientific research. The founding members of the association “Make it” have been previously successfully popularizing the Makerspace movement in Luxembourg, familiarizing children, youth and their carers with the tools, the working methods and the scientific approach of a maker. With the present project, they want to transform a small van or bus into a mobile space, equipped with all necessary tools and machines so to bring the maker movement to (almost) any location and directly to those multipliers who are eager to help promoting science. The bus will be decorated and accompanied with the contemporary communication channels so to generate a positive buzz around science and science communication. The name “MakerBuzz” resumes it all at its best. The activities that will be run over the initial period of 1 year will range from very simple assemblies that can be done with smaller children to very complex scientific measurement stations but that can be setup by any citizen. An initial project in the form of a connected weather station will be able to collect data and to share it on an open online platform, so that over the course of the project, citizens will not just learn about, but truly live citizens’ science: After learning the basics of scientific thinking, they can contribute to the collection, the sharing, the transformation and the publication of scientific data. The project aims at both working directly with the general public, as well as training multipliers from the formal and non-formal education. The project leaders have a long experience in training multipliers and in sharing their passion of science and science communication with others. “Make it” is a very young association but sums up a collective amount of 12+18+XX+XX+12 years of professional experience in science, in education, in communication and, last but not least, in making. As science mediators, they have been key drivers in adding a creative approach into science communication, adding Arts into STEM, so to also develop and promote the so-called “STEAM activities” for children and youth in Luxembourg. With the MakerBuzz, they are launching a complementary tool that will perfectly interface with the existing maker landscape. The MakerBuzz is planned to join public activities of other associations (Energy Days, Science Festivals, Researchers days and foreign countries …) as well as tour around the country so to respond to the increasing demand for innovative science exploration and teaching.
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