Luxembourg Science Center

SCHEME: PSP-Flagship

CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: SC - Societal Challenges





HOST INSTITUTION: Luxembourg Science Center


START: 2017-11-01

END: 2020-10-31


Submitted Abstract

The Luxembourg Science Center (LSC) aims to spark interest and generate curiosity in science and technology which, in particular, is important in youngsters, considering that most OECD member countries, Luxembourg included, suffer from a pronounced deficit in STEM-related professional vocations. Through a combination of hands-on exhibits, spectacular science shows, and interactive workshops, we incite our visitors to discover, explore and experiment within an unformal and playful environment. By experimenting with hands-on exhibits, visitors explore basic scientific phenomena, while science shows and workshops are designed to further tackle curiosity and the desire to learn more in-depth. With a collection of 55 hands-on exhibits we currently cover various subject matters including mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, acoustics, robotics and mathematics. Furthermore, we offer 5 science shows in electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, material sciences and robotics. By October 2017, we will have increased our collection of hands-on exhibits by 25 % and animate three more science shows/workshops in cooking science, biotechnology and mathematics. Since end of March 2017, the LSC is in pre-opening mode which has already generated more than 1.500 visits. We expect another 3.000 pupils and students from the Luxembourg primary and secondary education system, many of these already registered. On October 4th 2017, the LSC will officially be inaugurated and be open to the general public 7 days a week with a capacity of 350-400 visitors at all time. In 2018, we expect to receive an average of 140 visitors per day and anticipate that these numbers will increase in the following years to reach an approximate total of 200.000 participants over the three year period of this project.By means of this proposal we seek to finance several key aspects of the LSC project that are indeed of particular importance for the extension and the diversification of our activities; for the visibility of our project and the respective outreach to the general public; and to eventually determine our impact. Thus, by means of this grant we will: (1) finance the establishment of three new thematic rooms dedicated to science shows in chemistry, acoustics and optics, (2) launch a massive public promotional campaign to reach out to the general public and promote our activities and offers broadly, (3) run a science center impact study with an internationally recognized expert and (4) increase our mediation capacities by involving more freelance science mediators so as to reinforce our current team.

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