Integration of optical fibre sensors into metallic additively manufactured structures

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2018

DOMAIN: MS - Materials, Physics and Engineering


LAST NAME: Mashayekhi


INDUSTRY / PPP PARTNER: GCL International Sàrl

HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: optical fiber- sensors- internal loads- additively manufactured metallic structures- additive manufacturing

START: 2019-01-01



Submitted Abstract

Additive manufacturing (AM) provides a novel solution to create multifunctional designs. However, the internal loads and mechanical stresses are today not measurable. Additive Manufacturing, often filigree structures, will ensure these measurements by enabling sensors embedding in new configurations that were previously unobtainable. Researchers around the world have conducted research mainly into additively manufactured polymeric or metallic components at subsurface level. Project OFSEAM will investigate an in-depth embedding of sensors into additively manufactured metallic structures suitable for high-temperature applications and subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions by finding solutions for tackling the three major scientific challenges facing the development of these smart components. A strong substance to substance bond between coated optical fibre sensor and added material will be created, which enable an intact sensing of the quantity of interest while the whole component is subjected to temperature, static and dynamic loading. The envisioned innovative AM technology will contribute to the production of optimized AM polymeric and metallic mechanical components and other components for machinery for the project partner (GCL International Sàrl) by state-of-health monitoring in deployed systems, real-time diagnostics and control of the build process. These smart structures will reduce maintenance cost; will detect an early failure mode in real time; will even monitor themselves while they have a large and/or sensitive structure. Above all, a design guideline, which reliably outputs smart products of a determined standard will provide GCL company with a significant substance for technological advancement and will be another project’s visible and tangible output.

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