Finance Seminar of Luxembourg School of Finance (2015-2016)


CALL: 2015

DOMAIN: LE - Law, Economics, Finance





HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg


START: 2015-11-15

END: 2016-07-15


Submitted Abstract

We applied RESCOM funding for the research seminar series of the Luxembourg School of Finance. The financial support from FNR was used to enhance our finance seminar series to the world-class. Our seminar series included numerous highly recognized professors, a detailed list is included in the next section of the final report. In addition our seminar series included many highly promising young professors (already having publications in top finance journals) from institutions located all over the world presenting their new research results.This series enabled Luxembourg finance research community to interact with the leading researchers in the world and to exchange ideas with them. Finance is one of the main focus areas of the University of Luxembourg and therefore having excellent seminar series is a perfect match with the strategy of the University of Luxembourg. Our seminar series attracted attendees from many institutions such as numerous banks and other financial companies, European Investment Bank, Central Bank of Luxembourg, other research institutes, and certainly from other departments of the University of Luxembourg. The realized number of participants was approximately 30-34 attendees per seminar (totaling to approximately 600 for seminar series) including approximately 20 participants outside Luxembourg. The FNR funded part of the series started in November 2015. The seminar season included seminar approximately once a week until late June (including 20 scheduled seminars out of which one was cancelled). In addition to the lively interaction and discussion during the seminar, we also enabled more interaction by scheduling speakers’ seminar days to be full of individual slots with faculty members and other interested researchers. Finally, we had a special slot for PhD students allowing them to have lots of interaction with the speakers.

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