BEE CREATIVE 4 Kids – a maker’s approach to science

SCHEME: PSP-Flagship

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies


LAST NAME: Dell'Aera



HOST INSTITUTION: Service National de la Jeunesse


START: 2016-12-01

END: 2019-11-30


Submitted Abstract

“BEE CREATIVE for kids – a maker’s approach to science” is using the toolset of the non-formal education to promote a creative and scientific use of ICT-tools and the development of digital and scientific skills among children aged 6 to 12 years. The project is run by SNJ and SCRIPT. They will be supported by the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST).The project focuses on 6 pillars:1.Sound project management, allowing the partners to upscale the deliverables and outcomes of the project also after the FNR funding. 2.Development of innovative scientific pedagogical tools for kidsDIY-kits are elaborated with LIST. They allow individual children or groups to assemble their own science project, using digital tools inside and outside a makerspace. These kits are also used for professional training to encourage educators and teachers to integrate scientific making in their teaching and spread a creative approach towards science.3.Extending the offer of the Base1 flagship towards kids Scientific workshops are elaborated at the Base1 flagship makerspace, combining digital and scientific “making” in strong collaboration with Luxembourg scientists. These workshops can be transferred to other makerspaces as well.4.Implementation of local makerspaces for kidsIn collaboration with the adjacent fundamental schools, scientific makerspaces will be implemented in child daycare structures (“maison relais”). Children have the possibility to work on scientific projects using digital tools (3D printer, programming and soldering stations…) and acquire digital as well as scientific skills in a non-formal educational setting. 5.Public outreachPedagogical national events will be developed to actively engage children and their carers in an interactive and scientific use of ICT. They give visibility to the project and allow a maximum outreach to the public with a focus on kids, parents, educators and teachers. Two events are scheduled per year, one of them being complemented by a national challenge. 6.National and European NetworkingThe project will integrate the already active science promoters (PINS asbl, Jeunes scientifiques”,…) as well as open up to new actors (Luxembourg Science Center,…). The project will build on their creativity and experience, combining these partners in new ways. The project partners will also take care to promote Luxembourg’s innovative approach on the international parquet.

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