A global immersive accelerator to boost technology transfer and commercialisation at the University of LuxembourgLuxembourg


CALL: 2019






HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Spin off, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Startup support, Research translation

START: 2020-01-01

END: 2021-12-31

WEBSITE: http://www.uni.lu

Submitted Abstract

Banking on the success of the FNR KITS UL Entrepreneurship Programme (ULEP) which has led to a tremendous growth in the number of startup projects (30+) incubated at the University of Luxembourg Incubator (ULI), the ULI proposes to launch a state-of-the-art structured and systematic accelerator program to enhance and optimise the startup support and training offerings. In the pilot phase of ULEP program, ULI was very often stretched for resources in order to provide every startup project best possible guidance and support. One of the key reasons for this was the differing entry time points of these startups, seeking advice and support in a timely manner to ensure their success. Following the reflections of our pilot program, we would like to launch a structured 6 month accelerator program which will ensure that all startups are equally supported and can leverage the ULEP for enhancing their success rate. This will make our operations at ULI agile and we will have much better opportunity to leverage our network outside Luxembourg (US, Israel) which has already led to many fruitful collaborations. All startups will now embark of a unified startup acceleration program and will benefit from the knowledge sharing and experience that will also be facilitated among peers. The acceleration program will be divided in 3 phases: TEAM, TRACTION and TRANSITION. The program will be divided between immersion and trainings offered in US and Israel followed by intensive courses in Luxembourg. The goal is to prepare all startups for growth and acceleration. Beyond UL, we are confident that the program will find equal resonance is Luxembourg due to its immersion opportunities and extensive support from external collaborators and experts from US and Israel.

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