FNR NCER programme: Launch of National Centre of Excellence in Financial Technologies (NCER-FT)

Led by researchers from the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF), the NCER-FT implements a singular interdisciplinary research and innovation approach, combining expertise from technology, finance, and law. 

On 29 March 2023, the University of Luxembourg inaugurated the National Centre of Excellence in Financial Technologies (NCER-FT), with significant co-funding from the FNR and support from the ministries of Higher Education & Research, and Finance. The NCER-FT is an interdisciplinary initiative that focuses on the financial industry’s technological challenges and opportunities.

Left to right: Claude Meisch, Catherine Léglu, Arnaud Dupuy, Yuriko Backes, Marc Schiltz, Herwig Hofmann, Yves Le Traon

This interdisciplinary research approach remains rare in the world, but is essential for developing practical, sustainable solutions to the challenges of digitalization in finance. This new initiative will strengthen Luxembourg’s position as an innovative financial hub by attracting talents and providing world-class research and education for the sector in Luxembourg. The NCER-FT has been created with the co-financing of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), and with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Finance.  

Focus on four topics

The NCER-FT research roadmap focuses on four topics:

(1) new frontiers for digital and automated finance,

(2) regulatory technology (RegTech) and compliance by design,

(3) financial inclusion, as well as

(4) trust and security. 

The projects that make up the NCER-FT provide a framework to develop high quality research, novel ideas, products and services for the financial industry of tomorrow. By stimulating research with innovative approaches for the financial industry in Luxembourg, the relationship between the research ecosystem and the financial sector will deepen and increase in scope. The NCER-FT is dedicated to fostering the growth of digital finance in Luxembourg by leveraging advanced technologies. To this end, the initiative will strive to maintain an equilibrium between demand-driven research initiatives, real-world testing of research outcomes, and fundamental research endeavours that offer significant contributions towards long-term innovation.

ICT solutions that are secure, compliant, and trustworthy are a core component of the financial asset management and insurance sectors. SnT and FDEF bring together expertise in these topics, including cybersecurity, blockchain, decentralized finance, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, law, and finance. Together we will introduce exciting new directions for the financial industry to explore.” – Prof. Yves Le Traon, leader of the NCER-FT and vice-director of SnT.

14 interdisciplinary projects to be launched in first two years

To quick-start the initiative, 14 interdisciplinary projects are being launched in the ramp-up phase of two years. This ambitious, collaborative approach to research in financial technologies fosters a dynamic culture of technological innovation in Luxembourg’s strongest industry spanning actors from banking, asset management, insurance and Fintechs. 

The University of Luxembourg is looking to bring talent and ideas from around the world to the financial institutions of Luxembourg.Facilitating collaborations among all stakeholders with diverse expertise will expedite the development of this crucial national sector by introducing a varied knowledge base into the country.” – Prof. Jens Kreisel, Rector of the University.

I am confident that the NCER-FT has inspired, and will continue to inspire, the present and future generations of researchers in finance, computer science and law, at the University of Luxembourg and beyond, to think past their own horizon, and reach out to new knowledge frontiers.”, said Prof. Katalin Ligeti, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance.

“As a leading future-oriented international financial centre, Luxembourg must have a state-of-the-art research environment that can match its level of ambition. By focusing on cutting edge interdisciplinary research, the NCER-FT will play a key role in helping develop new talent in Luxembourg, support the competitiveness of our financial centre and strengthen our Fintech ecosystem to drive the digital transformation of the Luxembourg financial sector.” Yuriko Backes, Minister of Finance

“The NCER-FT fully aligns with the Luxembourg National Research and Innovation Strategy especially with its interdisciplinary projects anchored in cross-collaboration with SnT, FDEF and into the financial market, boosting 2 out of 4 research priority areas: the Industrial and Service Transformation as well as the 21st Century Education. It will reinforce the University’s mission and vision, expanding and reinforcing its science research areas, already well known for its excellence at an international level.” – Claude Meisch, minister for Higher Education and Research.

About the FNR’s NCER programme

The National Centres of Excellence in Research (NCER) programme provides a structuring framework and funding instrument to bundle research excellence around a mission of significant societal relevance by encouraging high-level transdisciplinary research and intersectoral collaboration. NCER projects should become internationally recognized examples of best scientific practice, both with regards to the outcomes and impact of research, as well as in the way research is carried out.

NCER project funding runs for a maximum of 8 years, and has two main phases, with a milestone-based evaluation between phase I and phase II. In addition, there is a mandatory INITIATE “pre-phase” (focusing on co-design of the project) as well as an optional post-NCER (focusing on further development of the domain and knowledge utilisation).

The maximum funding amount of a NCER is 12.1 MEUR.

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FNR NCER Programme: Clinnova to launch precision medicine initiative across Europe

On 27 April, Clinnova, an international project involving clinicians and researchers from Luxembourg, France, Germany and Switzerland was officially launched at a kick-off ceremony attended by the Ministers of Higher Education & Research and Health. The initiative aims to realise the benefits of precision medicine for treatment decisions through data federation, standardisation, and interoperability. The project is supported jointly by the FNR’s NCER programme, the Grand Est Region, the Canton of Basel as well as the State of Baden-Württemberg and will establish a shared launchpad for medical AI algorithm development in the heart of Europe.

Webinar: FNR Reporting is evolving in 2023!

Starting in 2023, the FNR shifts to a new reporting process, the goal of reducing the burden of reporting for all sides, allowing space for a broader range of research outputs to be recognised, and building trust with everyone in the research and science communication ecosystem. This new reporting process was built through an inclusive process with the research institutions, with useful feedback on both our current processes as well as potential improvements received from researchers and administrative staff with reporting experience. The slides from the webinar on 1 February are now available!

FNR’s National Centres of Excellence in Research (NCER) funding programme officially presented

On 24 January 2023, the FNR and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research officially presented the FNR funding instrument NCER – National Centres of Excellence in Research. Integrating the experiences of NCER-PD, the NCER pilot launched in 2015 in the area of Parkinson’s Disease. Two new NCER’s that will officially be launched in March 2023 were also outlined.  

Creating value for society: The FNR’s strategy and action plan 2022-2025

Esch-sur-Alzette, 14 January 2022 – The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) yesterday signed its multi-annual agreement[1] with the Government for the period 2022-2025. For the implementation of the activities covered by this agreement, the Government authorises the FNR[2] to make commitments up to an overall ceiling of 445 MEUR over the next four years.

FNR funds Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study with an additional 6 million euros

In spring 2015, the National Centre for Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD) was created as the very first inter-institutional research programme of its kind in Luxembourg. It represents a joint effort between five partners that unite their complementary expertise for Parkinson’s disease (PD). The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has committed 8.3 million euros to this collaborative research programme for the past four years. At the end of this first funding period, the programme has been evaluated with outstanding scores by an international jury of experts. This paved the way for its second phase until May 2023, funded with an additional 6 MEUR.

Launch of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Health on 23 March 2018 announced the launch of ParkinsonNet – a network that will enable the exchange between Parkinson’s physicians, researchers and therapists, with the aim of improving the overall patient experience of people with Parkinson’s disease.

FNR, University of Luxembourg and LCSB leaders join Luxembourg Parkinson Study as healthy control subjects

Last week, the FNR’s Secretary General Dr Marc Schiltz volunteered as a control subject in the Luxembourg Parkinson Study, within the National Centre for Excellence in Research (NCER-PD), together with Prof Dr Rainer Klump, the President of the University of Luxembourg and Prof Dr Rudi Balling, the Director of the LCSB. This was done to … Continued

Participants Needed: Help advance Luxembourg’s major Parkinson’s research study!

The National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD) is seeking participants to take part in a large research study in Luxembourg. Besides patients, the study is also particularly in need of healthy control subjects – members of the general public who are not affected by the disease – especially men over the … Continued

NCER-PD Newsletter now available!

The second of the bi-annual newsletter, created by the NCER-PD consortium to regularly brief all interested parties about the progress of the programme, is now available. Amongst other information, it contains an update from the large clinical cohort study, which forms the centre piece of the NCER-PD programme. The newsletter features an interview with Rudi … Continued

Donation from the André et Henriette Losch Foundation puts Parkinson’s research team on the road

Thanks to a generous donation from the André et Henriette Losch Foundation, in future it will be easier for Parkinson’s patients to participate in the Luxembourg Parkinson’s study. The study is part of the NCER programme, launched by the FNR in 2015. André Losch, Chairman of the foundation, handed the keys of the new “NCER-PD Flying … Continued

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