“Interregionale Forschungsförderung” / “Interregionaler Wissenschaftspreis” – deadline extended!

The calls for the Greater Region prizes “Interregionale Forschungsförderung” / “Soutien interrégional à la recherche” and “Interregionaler Wissenschaftspreis”/ “Prix interrégional de la science” are open, with the deadline extended to 15 September 2022.

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‘Interregionale Forschungsförderung’ / ‘Soutien interrégional à la recherche’ prize

The interregional research funding provides additional funds for communication about a research project in the cross-border area. Support is provided for actions to communicate externally funded research projects and their results with – at the time of application – ongoing funding, involving research institutions in the Greater Region.

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“Interregionaler Wissenschaftspreis”/ “Prix interrégional de la science”

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