INTER Mobility 2023 Call documents now available

The Call documents for the 2023 INTER Mobility Call are now available. Please note, there will only be one INTER Mobility Call in 2023, with a deadline of 1 April (or first working day thereafter), 14:00 CET.

Given that there is only one call deadline, FNR extended the period of starting date for INTER mobility grants substantially for the calll 2023!  Grants can start between 1 March 2023 (i.e. call year) and 1 September 2024 (i.e. call year +1). Please note that the starting date relates to the start of the INTER Mobility grant (which can be up to 3 years) and thus marks from when onwards costs are eligible. It doesn’t need to be the same date as the starting date of the research visit.

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