Greater Region Interregional Science Prize awarded

The 2018 Greater Interregional Science Prize was awarded on 15 January, during the the 5th Inter-ministerial Conference of higher education and research in the Greater Region. A project led by FNR PEARL Chair Prof Rejko Krüger scooped the prize for second place.

About the prize

The Interregional Research Prize has been awarded since 2003 to research projects of cross-border excellence. January 15, 2019 was the 7th edition of this award. The first prize of 35,000 EUR was awarded to a cross-border project concerning “a magnetism network of the Greater Region”. The partners were the University of Lorraine (Thomas HAUET/Stéphane MANGIN), the University of Saarland (Uwe HARTMANN) and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Burkard HILLEBRANDS / Philippe PIRRO / Martin AESCHLIMAN).

SaarLB is sponsored the second prize, worth 10,000 EUR. The winner here was cross-border project dedicated to the “early detection and prognosis of Parkinson’s disease in Luxembourg and Saarland” of the University of Luxembourg, led by FNR PEARL Chair Prof Rejko Krüger from the LCSB at the University of Luxembourg,  and the University of Saarland (Andreas Keller).

Left to right: Andreas Keller, Rejko Krüger

Inter-ministerial Conference of Higher Education and Research of the Greater Region

During the 5th Inter-ministerial Conference of Higher Education and Research of the Greater Region, the 5 institutional partners met in Belval/Luxembourg, in order to take stock and exchange views on current cross-border issues.

The partners represented are convinced of the particular importance of cooperation between higher education institutions and research in the Greater Region and its positive impact on academic promotion, the employability of all inhabitants and the attractiveness of these five regions.

This inter-ministerial conference took place at a pivotal moment, as the forthcoming decisions on the European framework programmes 2021-2027 will not only present new challenges, but also new opportunities for the institutions in the field of higher education and research in the Greater Region.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to discuss the state of play on topics such as: the application of the University of the Greater Region to the pilot project “European University”; the continued promotion of mobility and support for the development of cross-border training in the Greater Region; support for the forthcoming organisation of the 8th edition of the Interregional Research Prize as well as a new financial mechanism to support cross-border research to promote scientific excellence and synergies in the Greater Region. The latter will be an additional support instrument for the Interregional Research Prize of the Greater Region.

This instrument aims to finance actions to disseminate the results of projects that have been scientifically validated and are still ongoing, involving researchers from institutions in the Greater Region. In addition, this dissemination may create new nuclei in the scientific community or inform the general public about scientific excellence in the Greater Region.

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