g4g ‘Science, you had me at hello®’ broadcast featuring Michèle Weber

G4g is hosting an online episode of their “Science, you had me at hello®” series, in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation and HSBC Luxembourg. One of the STEM role models to be featured in the upcoming broadcast on 4 April will be Michèle Weber, Science Communicator at FNR. The event is aimed at girls 14+.

In this broadcast, g4g will be exploring all about INVEST! One of the most important means of investing is to invest in yourself, your personal and professional growth, and of course, investing in your financial future especially as a woman.

We love to hear how the world of STEM continues to invest in technology and innovation to help soar to new heights and make the world a brighter place. We will hear from speakers who will share their STEM career inspiration, how they have invested along the way, and who will also share their views on economic empowerment! And stay tuned for our experiment but make sure to bring a pen and paper with you! All are welcome though this broadcast is aimed at girls aged 14+.

Find out more / register now (broadcast takes place 4 April, from 15:00-15:45.)

About Michèle Weber

Michèle Weber started her career in science with a PhD in immunology and has since pursued a multifaceted career in science communication at the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), where she for example writes and coordinates articles for science.lu on a range of scientific topics.

Michèle is also actively involved in the FNR Science in Society outreach events Researchers’ Days, Science Festival, and co-hosted the 2021 FNR Awards Ceremony.

Michèle was recently featured in the series Be Brave: Women [& girls] in Science, a collaboration between Research Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Ministry of Equality (MEGA). Watch the video below.

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