FNR Science Image Competition: exhibition

Following the FNR Science Image Competition, first organised in 2019 on the occasion of the FNR’s 20th anniversary, the awarded photos can now be discovered at an exhibition in Luxembourg City! The campaign has multiple aims: to show the growing role of images in scientific research, to reveal how scientific work is conducted, to give a face to the researchers conducting it and to present various ways to engage the public with science.

An international jury selected the winning photographs, images and videos, based on their aesthetic quality and their aptitude to inspire and fascinate, to convey or to illustrate knowledge, to narrate a story, to engage the public to explore a new universe.

We invite you to discover the winning (and distinction) images of the first FNR Science Image Competition outside the Lycée de garçons Luxembourg (LGL), Place Auguste Laurent, 1921 Luxembourg City.

The 15 beautiful images span the categories ‘Object of study’, ‘Women and men of science’, ‘Places and tools’, ‘Video loop’, and ‘Science engagement activities’.

“It is important to us at the FNR to create bridges between research and the general public. For the first time, we are using photography as an art form to create this link. The exhibited images invite the spectators to let their imagination run free and to discover different aspects of Luxembourg’s public research. And hopefully also to inspire and fascinate the spectators. I would like to thank Lydie Polfer and the City of Luxembourg for their support and for giving us access to the public space.” – Marc Schiltz, Secretary-General of the FNR.

“Since 2012, the City of Luxembourg has been hosting temporary open-air exhibitions, notably on the Place Guillaume II, and since 2017 on the Limpertsberg, following the redevelopment of the Place Auguste Laurent. In this way, we offer artists, associations and institutions a platform to present their creations, projects and missions to the general public. Often not very visible, scientific research is nevertheless essential for our society. This very successful photographic exhibition gives visibility to the work of the FNR, which we are happy to support.” – Lydie Polfer, Mayor of Luxembourg City

The second edition of the FNR Science Image Competition will be launched in autumn 2020.

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