FNR Science Image Competition 2022 Prix du Public – vote now!

Ahead of the announcement of the jury’s winners in the 2022 FNR Science Image Competition, a pre-selection of images have entered the category “Prix du public”, run together with media partner with RTL. Vote now for your favourite image now and you could also win a telescope! *Voting closed*

The Science Image Competition and following exhibitions have multiple aims: to show the growing role of images in scientific research, to reveal how scientific work is conducted, to give a face to the researchers conducting it and to present various ways to engage the public with science. The competition also aims to bridge the gap between science & research and the general public, to show the dedication and fascination that fuel the scientists and, last but not least, to inspire the audience and bring it to discover a widely unknown environment.

The winners of the Prix du Public, along with the winners and shortlisted in the following categories will be exhibited in the Luxembourg Science Center in Summer 2022 (more information to follow), as well as in Luxembourg City in Autumn 2022. The images will also be viewable online, with a short article planned for each image.

Categories of the FNR Science Image Competition:

1) Object of study (image)

From the microcosm to the macrocosm, images of the research object captured by scientists using a camera or generated by a computer.

2) Scientists in action (photographs)

Photographs of research in practice, presented by and featuring those conducting it.

3) Places and tools

Photographs of the surroundings in which scientists take measurements, generate data, share their passion, make discoveries and of the instruments they use while doing so.

4) Science outreach activities

Photographs of an activity where researcher and science communicators dialogue with the school children, students or the wider public or of interactive projects for school children, students and the wider public, giving them an overview of science and research and/or scientists’ research methods.

Discover the awarded and shortlisted images of the previous editions of the FNR Science Image Competition below

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