Conference: Well-Being 2022 – Knowledge for informed decisions

STATEC is organising an international conference titled “Well-Being 2022 – Knowledge for informed decisions” which will take place from 1 to 4 June 2022 in Luxembourg City.

Keynote and roundtable speakers will discuss advantages, disadvantages and limitations of the wellbeing approach in policy-making and address pressing issues such as economic growth, wellbeing, inequality, productivity and the changing environment.

This international conference will bring together leading scholars to discuss the quest for better lives. Economists traditionally advocated economic growth as the foremost policy goal, but now even economists often challenge this view. The discussion remains open, indeed flourishes, with more contributors than ever. How do we promote well-being? What are the best policies? What is the role for civil society? How can these insights help us to address the environmental, social, and economic challenges of today and the future?

This conference is supported by the FNR’s RESCOM programme.

More information

The conference will take place in Hotel Parc Belle-Vue, which is located in the heart of Luxembourg City | 5, avenue Marie-Thérèse L-2132 Luxembourg.

Head to to register (mandatory) and discover the programme.

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