Conference: Science-Politics Interface in Parliaments

A conference on the Science-Politics Interface in Parliaments ( « l’interface science-politique dans les parlements ») is being organised by the Scientific Unit of the Chamber of Deputies, the Research Chair in Parliamentary Studies and the University of Luxembourg. The conference takes place on 5 and 6 May 2022 in Abbey Neumünster in Luxembourg Grund.

Speakers with a wide range of backgrounds, including university professors, parliamentary researchers and politicians, explain how the interaction between politics and science is translated into practice.

The FNR is also among the speakers, with Marc Schiltz (FNR Secretary General), Didier Goossens (Head of Corporate Communication) and Jean-Paul Bertemes (Head of Science in Society) among the speakers, for example talking about the FNR co-organised activities Pairing Scheme and Evidence Matters.

The conference can be attended in-person or online and will take place in Luxembourgish, French and English.

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