Catalyst Europe 2023

Catalyst Europe is a fellowship programme focused on creating impact from biomedical technology research. The programme supports talented researchers, clinicians and professionals working in healthcare organisations to identify and evaluate unmet medical needs, build multi-professional teams to design solutions, and plan research projects that show strong potential for healthcare impact, in collaboration with industry, clinical settings and academia. The programme runs from September 2023 until March 2024, register by 16 July! An information webinar is planned on 3 July at 16:00h CEST, aimed at potential candidates. 

The programme runs from 7 Sept, 2023 to 7 March, 2024. Dedication of 10-12 hours/week. Online format. Tuition-free. The FNR supports this call via an FNR KITS project.

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Catalyst Europe is based on the MIT linQ Catalyst proven innovation method for translational research and includes participation of its leading faculty. The program offers multiple opportunities for fellows to build relationships with the MIT linQ community as well as Catalyst Europe partners and supporters.

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